How to Create a Custom Pay Link for Inutit for Customer Portal Use

You can create your own payment web address and insert it anywhere you want:

  • on your web site
  • in an email message
  • on an invoice or statement document
  • within a post or comment on a web forum or blog
  • as payment method in your eBay® or Amazon® store
  • on Craigslist®
  • on your LinkedIn® or Facebook® page
  • anywhere you want!

Customers click the link to visit your personal payment site. You can even customize that site with your own logo and color scheme.

Create Pay Link

To create your customized payment address:

    1. On the left side of any PaymentNetwork screen, click Custom Pay Link.
    2. Within the Create your pay link web address, locate the entry box with your account name in it and enter text that you want to insert as the end of your custom payment link.

The first portion of the web address is always

and you can customize the text that follows with whatever letters and/or numbers you want.

Tip: Don't enter spaces or other special characters. Enter only letters and numbers

For example, if you enter eddywu in the box, then your custom address would be:

  1. Click Generate.

    Your new web address appears at the bottom of the screen. Anyone can visit this custom address and pay you through PaymentNetwork.

    If you want, customize pay link pages with your own logo and color scheme.

How do I change the link?
If you made a mistake or changed your name, you can edit your custom payment link too. Just follow the steps in this topic and change the text in the box to whatever you want. Note that your old link won't work any more once you make a change.

Tip: Help customers visit your pay link site from their mobile device! PaymentNetwork automatically creates a QR code you can share with mobile users. They scan the code and your pay page opens in their mobile device browser. How do I share my site's QR code?