Managing Customer Accounts with The Service Program

This guide will cover the topics listed below:



Creating Accounts with the Customer Portal

For your customers to be able to login and use the portal, first they need to go to your customer portal and then click on "Register" on the login page.

Next, they need to fill out the registration form and press the "Register" button in the bottom right corner of the page.



 Once your customers have pressed the "Register" button they will see a status message informing them on the next steps to take. 

If your customers registers with the same email address that you have on file in QuickBooks, then they will only have to verify their email address and then they can immediately login and see their information.

If your customer registers with an email address that does not exist in QuickBooks, first they will have to verify their email address and then on The Service Program you will need to then link the new web account with an existing customer. (More details on this explained below in the Managing Customer Access Section)

 To verify their email address, your customer will be sent an automated email welcoming them to your customer portal. They HAVE to click on the link in the email before they will be able to login.


When they click on the link to verify their email address they will see a screen that confirms that you did it successfully and will be allowed to login.



Managing Customer Portal Access

If your customers happen to register with emails that don't match the emails on file in QuickBooks, there are a few extra steps we need to take before they will be able to use their new account.

First, you need to press "Sync Mobile Devices" within The Service Program on your desktop PC.


On the next screen, make sure you have user list selected and then press the button labelled " Sync Customer Portal". This is going to download any new account information and allow you to link a web account to a customer inside TSP.

Next we need to go into customer detail for the customer that we want to link to a new web account. Once in customer detail click on the tab labelled "".


Now in the Web Account drop-down, select the matching customer portal account. *NOTE* You can have multiple web accounts linked to the same customer. 


After you have selected the matching account, the only thing left is to sync mobile devices and then sync user list with the customer portal.

Your customer should now be able to login to the portal and view their history, make payments, request service and MORE!