Syncing MyCustomerConnect with The Service Program

This short guide will show you how to sync data between The Service Program and the MyCustomerConnect web portal.

The syncing is broken out into sections to eliminate long wait times during syncing. You will have the option to sync the following information to the web portal.

  • Customers
  • Users
  • Items
  • Invoice History
  • Task History
  • Quotes
  • Customer Notes History
  • Rentals
  • Route Schedule History
  • Route Ticket History
  • Payment History
  • News Feed

1. Press Sync Mobile Devices

Click on the button on the top toolbar inside of The Service Program that says "Sync Mobile Devices".

2. Select which area to sync.

First in the "Select Option" drop down (#1) choose which area to sync to the portal. Then press the button labeled "Sync Customer Portal" (#2).


3. Confirm

Click on "yes" to begin the sync process.