Managing Customer Accounts with RouteStar

This guide will show you how your customers can create a new account through the MyCustomerConnect web portal and how you can manage that account from RouteStar.


Account Creation

First your customers can register by going to your web portal address. (usually

Next they need to click the button that says "Register"

Next they will need to fill out the following form and then click the register button. After registering the customer will be required to verify their email address by clicking a link that is sent to them in the welcome email.

Once your customers have verified their email address they will be able to login to the web portal.

 If the customer exists in your customer list with the same email address that they registered with, they will be able to log in immediately and start taking advantage of all the features of the web portal.

If the customer doesn't exist, the user will be notified after logging in that their account setup is almost complete. 

You will have to complete the rest of the setup inside RouteStar.