How to use Time Tracking with Tasks in The Service Program

How to use Time Keeping with Tasks within The Service Program



To use The Service Program with "Time Tracking" you must first setup Time Tracking in QuickBooks. Whether you use QuickBooks Payroll services or not, you will need to setup one employee for each of the people you wish to track time for, in The Service Program.

CLICK HERE for instructions on how to setup Time Tracking within QuickBooks desktop.

Setting up The Service Program and Timekeeping:

  • Once employees are setup in QuickBooks, go to the QuickBooks Maintenance menu in The Service Program.


  1. Click the Update QuickBooks icon on the toolbar.
  2. Click the drop-down list at the bottom and select Time Keeping.
  3. Click the "Reload" button.
  4. Once the system informs you that the sync is complete, click the OK button.



Our next step is to associate an "Employee" to a Service Program username:


  1.  Click on Misc Info -> System -> User Maintenance.
  2.  To associate an Employee with a "User Name", Select an employee from the drop-down menu.The-Service-Program-User-List.png
  3. Next, you will want to select the users default QuickBooks Payroll Item and QuickBooks Service Item. To do this, You must double click on the username listed in blue so the system can show you more options.double-click-username-for-options.png
  4. Once you are in the "User Detail", you have the ability to set the users Default QuickBooks Payroll item and Service Item.  Although the Service item is not required in this area at this time, at some point a service item will be required in order to push the Time Tracking into QuickBooks.  We Highly recommend that you tie a Payroll Item and Service Item to your users at this time.  When these are set, they will be the default Payroll and Service Items that will load for this user when selected in the Time Tracking area.  If you do NOT want a default Payroll or Service item to load and would prefer to select the item manually, then do not set this up and skip this step.user-detail-screen-for-service-item-selection.png
  5. Now you are ready to enter time!!!




Currently, There are 2 ways to enter time tracking information directly into The Service Program desktop.

  1. You can Create a new task or enter any current task and click on the "Time Tracking" tab along the top.   If this is a Billable Time Tracking charge you Must enter all of the information listed below:
    • Select an Employee from the drop down.
    • Make sure the date is correct.
    • Use the drop down to select "Billable".
    • Make sure the customer name is selected.
    • Make sure you have a Service Item selected.
    • You MUST have start and stop times.  You can enter the Start and End times manually (Example Start Time 2:30 PM and End Time 3:01 PM).  When you do this the system will auto fill the area that says "Duration" with the number of minutes between your start and stop times.
    • A Payroll Item MUST be selected.billable-time-tracking-requirements.png
  2. You can enter time directly under the Time Tracking screen instead of running it through a task however it will not have a task number tied to it by default.  If you would like to do this, Along the top of the software select Miscellaneous -> Employee Time Tracking.employee-time-tracking-screen.png
  3. To record a new Time Tracking event click the button that says, "Record Time".  In order to give this Time Tracking event the ability to push into QuickBooks from The Service Program you MUST have the following selected.
    • Date
    • Marked as Billable
    • Employee
    • Customer:Job
    • Service Item
    • Payroll Item
    • Start Time
    • End Timerecord-time-tracking-button.pngmanual-time-tracking-creation.png