MySQL Setup (MCC)

Step 1:

Download the mySQL web connector by clicking the following link: DOWNLOAD as shown in image SC-1 below.


Step 2:

Follow the prompts to install the MySQL Connector as shown in images SC-2 through SC-5.




You can tell which version of windows you have by going to computer, c drive and seeing if you have 2 program files folders (Program Files and Program Files (X86)) you have 64 bit windows and you should follow the direction for the 64 bit setup, if you see only Program Files you have 32 bit and should follow the directions for 32 bit.

Step 3: 32 Bit Set-up

Go to start button, then go to control panel followed by administrative tools.


Step 4: 64 Bit Set-up

Go to my computer and double click on your C:\ drive and go to the windows folder and double click syswow64. Scroll down till you see OBCAD32 and double click to run it.


Step 5:

Click on the add button and then select MySQL ODBC 52.a Driver.


Step 6:

Fill out the following window with your database credentials.


The data source name must be MCC

** The user name and password should have been emailed to you from the tech who did your mobile install. (If you do not have this info please contact support and they can obtain it for you**

Data Source Name: MCC
TCP/IP Server:
User: mccadmin_(username given)

Password: (Password Given)

Database (dropdown) (database name given)

Step 7:

Press OK and you should get a pop-up as shown below.