Zebra Printer Setup

Setting up Zebra QLn-420 Printer with RouteStar Mobile Solution

This guide will walk you through setting up an android device to work with a Zebra QLn-420 printer.

Software Needed: (please download all files before continuing to the next step)

  • Zebra Setup Utilities(Installed on PC): DOWNLOAD
  • DroidPHP (Installed on Android Phone/Tablet): DOWNLOAD
  • Config Files forDevice(Copied to Device):DOWNLOAD

Hardware Needed:(please make sure you have everything on the list below before continuing)

  • Zebra QLn-420 Mobile Printer
  • USB Cable for Zebra Printer
  • Android Device(Tablet or Phone)
  • USB Cable for Android Device
  • MiFi Device(w/SSID and Security Password/Key Handy)


Part 1: Configure Zebra Printer

Install Zebra Setup Utilities (detailed setup instructions and videos available from Zebra by clicking HERE)

Connect Zebra Printer to PC via USB Cable

Power on MiFi Device(You will need the SSID and SecurityKey/Password from the MiFi).If you cannot find this info please contact your wireless carrier for assistance.

Open Zebra Setup Utilities and select your printer and click Configure Printer Connectivity.


Once you have clicked “Finish” your printer should restart.Wait for the reboot before continuing. 

  1. Verifythatyou havean IP Address assigned to theprinter. Writethisdown aswewill need itlater.


  1. On the Zebra Setup Utilities Program, click “Open Printer Tools” and then click the“Action”tab and select“Send Command”.

Enter the following commands at the bottom of the popup pressing “Send” after each one.


! U1 setvar "media.type" "journal"

! U1 setvar "zpl.label_length" "1300" 

You should see an icon on the printer flash each time you send a command.


Proceed to next step once all commands are sent to printer and you have the IP address of the Printer. 

Part 2: Setting up AndroidDevice 

  1. Install the DroidPHP.apk on the android device by sending it as an attachment to the devices gmail account. 
  1. Open the Gmail app on the device and tap on the attachment and choose to install or Open with“Package Installer” which ever option you have.



Once you have pressed“Start Server” youshould seeasmalliconthat says “php” inthenotification baronthedevice. Thislets you knowthat theserviceis installed and workingcorrectly. 

  1. Connect your device via USB cable to your PC.  Go to “MyComputer” from your desktop or from your start menu. You should see your device listed. Double click to open it, and then double click on the next screen where it will either say “Phone” or“Tablet”. 
  1. Open the “htdocs” folder and then openthe “www” sub folder. 
  1. Extract the files from Device Config Files.zipany where on your desktop and edit the

printerconnection.php file.A PHP file can be opened with ANY text editor such as notepad. 

If you are unsure how to edit a php file please reach out to our tech support by using chat now or by sending us an email to CustomerSupport@WestromSoftware.com and we will be Happy to assist!  The info required to complete this step can be obtained by reviewing the "RouteStar Mobile Install Email" that was sent to you at the end of the install.  If you cannot find the required information in that email please contact us.

Please Note:  You MUST have your MYSQL Database Credentials to continue

    6.  Copy the files as shown in the image to the "www" folder from the Device Config Files.zip that you downloaded and installed earlier.  Copy ALL Files Except the one named PHP.INI into the "www" directory/location.  Go back to the "htdocs" and then open the "conf" folder.  copy the php.ini